Comic for September 7th 2009

Greetings! Chugworth is officially back, and with a new format to boot. For some explanation, here’s a passage copy and pasted from an earlier post I made elsewhere:

As you’ll notice, we’ve decided to go with a new format for the current run, so as not to be so limited in what we can do this time. Strips will have no set dimensions and will be as long or as short as they need to be.
When planning this relaunch, Jay and I made the decision that it should be as accessible to new readers as it is to veterans.
The new series of strips pick up 6 months after the last ones in terms of continuity. Officially, they are designed to be read directly after where the first book left off (Sally dumping Kiyoshi after he breaks her legs), but anything that happened after that can still be considered canon, albeit relatively unimportant.

As well as this, you may also notice that the new strips are starting afresh from #1. This is to keep things on the new site as clean and unconfusing as possible. As for the previous 400 or so strips, you will soon be able to access them in a separate archive on this site.

As the title bar of the site states, updates for new Chugworth are planned to be every Monday. Although this might seem like a lot less than the old Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule we had, please do bear in mind that the new comics are also far longer than before as well as better made. The website itself still isn’t complete, but is in enough working order for me to be able to start updates as of today.

Stay tuned, peeps!

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