Comic for September 28th 2009

Urgh. Well, this bloody thing ended up being at least twice as large as I anticipated. Enjoy!

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Yes, I know, I suck! :( I’ve been massively busy with other work over the last weeks, here’s a semi-old skool Chloe to try and lessen the blow a bit.


Well, I hate to be so unreliable again, but there will again be no update this week due to some HARDCORE COMPUTER WOES.

The story is thus! I started building my new uber-computer on Friday, and ran into a lot of display related problems which I’ve been wrestling with all weekend. I finally managed to pin it down to my new Graphics Card being faulty, which is a kick in the nuts considering it’s the most expensive part of the machine. I have the computer as a whole working now, by using my old computer’s graphics card in it, but alas too late to deliver an update this Monday.

Worry not however. I will post up some chugworth related art over the week to compensate. Big apologies.


Just a little note for you guys, I’ll be nowhere near a computer next week, so there will be no update on Monday the 12th of October. Expect normal updates to resume on the 19th.

Okie dokie. I finished archiving the old Chugworth Academy strips from the past 6 years. There should be multiple links to it all over the page, so go take a look if you need to catch up.
But if you’re too lazy to bother doing that, you can just click HERE.